which setting has less noise?

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Re: which setting has less noise?

Thanks all for your responses.

The reason I haven't tested this is because I was pretty much ready to go to the job when the thought occurred.

I knew it was going to be low light and that I would be shooting wide open or thereabouts.

As an example; if using a 35mm f/2 lens at f/2, ISO 1600 at 1/60th supplemented with fill flash at -1EV in ettl mode gave me well exposed photos at the limit of acceptible sharpness/freezing motion, I wanted to know whether keeping these settings but going to ISO 800 (a stop underexposed) and correcting in post would give me less noisy photos.

The consensus seems to be that i'd have the same or a bit more noise by underexposing and correcting in post.

I was unable to read these replies before I began the shoot, so in the end I exposed correctly at the higher ISO.

Being shot in a nightclub, I have noticed clipping in the highlights from point light sources in the background of the photos (my subjects were exposed correctly). I'm now thinking tha;, by shooting a stop under using the same settings but lowering the ISO would have allowed more headroom for bright light sources and therefore, correcting in post would have given me less clipping in the highlights perhaps complemented by more clipping in the shadows, however, as the viewers eye tends to view the brightest areas of a scene, this underexposing method may be preferable - but at the same time, well exposed specular point light sources weren't really the subject of the photo!

Anyone with any thought on this discussion?

P.S; Sorry for late reply, I was a bit hungover yesterday!

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