5D3 weather seal tested. It works!

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Re: 5D3 weather seal tested. It works!

ArabiaSandStorm wrote:

With small electronics, the advise is always bag the device with some crystals (don't remember the name) which will speed-up the dry process. Don't know if this is applicable with cameras (assuming crystals are bagged just like what comes with new stuff)

I think the name of the stuff you are thinking of is Silica Gel. Unfortunetly, very few are likely to have sufficient quantities around the house :). What you can use as a substitute is dry rice - this is very effective at absorbing moisture, and I've successfully saved a dunked mobile phone this way.

On weather sealing in general - its just not something I would rely on, even though you may get away with it if caught out. I've had a 1D damaged by water - and not that much - and 'lesser' cameras which have survived worse. It all seems a bit of a lottery. I always protect gear within practical limits, and see weather sealing as an insurance policy. Nice to know its there, but probably not something you want to test.

Salt water is particularly nasty, as even if you can dry out the camera thoroughly, it is quite possible that the corrosion process has started, and can't be reversed - the camera may work, but you may have a time bomb on your hands.


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