No Rebate = No OMD For Me (for a while)

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No Rebate = No OMD For Me (for a while)

After reading how people who ordered silver kits on Feb. 10 or so are the most recent to receive their cameras (late last week), I'm getting more worried about whether I'll get the camera I ordered on April 24 a) in time for the May 31 purchase deadline and/or b) in time for me to meet the June 15 rebate-form postmark deadline.

I know you can fanagle the invoice so it shows you 'bought' the camera when you ordered it, but I won't let them charge my card early, and after talking w/the company handling Oly's rebate, I'm convinced they're going to look for ways not to pay out, i.e., not caring when the item was ordered, just when the charge was put through.

So I sent the note below to Oly America's & the Oly Store's customer service depts. (figuring the rebate might be 'handled' by the store, even though I'm getting it thru B&H)

I'll letcha know what they say:

I ordered a silver EM-5 kit w/12-50 lens & your 40-150 lens on April 24 @ B&H Photo. I also ordered the FL300-R flash because I am supposed to receive a $169 rebate from you per your current promotion.

As you know, this particular kit/color is hard to come by; people who ordered them in early February are just now getting theirs. So I'm getting worried that I will not receive the camera in time to submit the rebate form by June 15...and I'm also a little worried that the transaction might not meet your May 31 deadline, as B&H does not charge the credit card until the item ships.

I have already contacted the company that is handling this rebate (their customer service phone # is on the rebate form), and they said that as of now (May 9), all deadlines are FIRM, and there will be NO EXCEPTIONS/EXTENSIONS re. when the purchase was made and when the rebate form & UPC box-codes are mailed.

By the way, I have NEVER seen such a tight window on a mail in rebate, where the postmark/submission deadline is only TWO WEEKS after the purchase deadline!!

Hopefully, I'll get all my stuff in the next two weeks, but if not...unless you extend the rebate deadlines...I am afraid that I might cancel my entire order. Because, if I lose out on the $169 rebate, that is the same as paying 10% more for the camera, and I'm not going to accept being 'punished' because you couldn't meet demand for the product and/or that you didn't see fit to extend your rebate deadlines.

Maybe you don't care that much...heck, you have a big hit on your hands & you'll be selling every camera you make for some time now (congratulations on it's success, BTW). Maybe you'll come out with another rebate...maybe a better one (like for the GRIP!!!). If so, I might re-order at that time.

But I would surely wait until mid-late June to do so, because that is when Canon will be releasing details about their new mirrorless camera system. I'd prefer to get my EM-5 now, but if I'm going to be waiting 3+ weeks, I might as well wait to see what they're offering.

Please let me know if you are a) certain you'll have enough silver EM-5 12-50 kits in the pipeline such that B&H can me to get my camera by May 31, or b) that you've officially extended the terms of your current rebate.

I look forward to hearing from you soon...and to getting my camera soon as well!

Thank you! /

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