Dust on Outback/Wilderness Trips - Strategies required

Started May 14, 2012 | Discussions thread
F. Kamphues Senior Member • Posts: 1,276

Travelling in desert areas without getting your equipent dusty is like underwater photography without getting wet. It can't be done. Actually, dust is not the worst part of the environment. Random vibration from corrugated roads are often detrimental to non-pro equipment. Loose screws are a very common occurrence. You can take some preventive measures to make things less bad:
1) Store your equipment in a closed bag, whenever possible

2) Use sealed lenses and preferably of the non-extending type, which can act like a pump and suck in the dust.
3) Use UV filters to protect the front lens element (not possible on the 14-24)

4) Be careful when changing lenses (e.g. avoid strong winds, keep your camera mount pointed downwards, keep the open time as short as possible.
5) Use a Giotto Rocket or equivalent to blow of excess dust on a regular basis.
6) Bring a Visibledust brush to clean the sensor when things get really bad.

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Fred Kamphues

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