Tokina 300mm f6.3 catadioptric (mirror) lens

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Noam Gordon Forum Member • Posts: 73
Re: Tokina 300mm f6.3 catadioptric (mirror) lens

I've been using an old Tokina 500mm on my Pentax DSLR and I love it. Indeed, contrast is horrible and sharpness is mediocre as well, but these can be enhanced easily in PP and the end result is worth it - assuming that you like the ring-bokeh. I know I do! If used creatively, you can get interesting textures and effects. And don't forget, you get extreme telephoto in a compact and cheap package.

In fact, I am interested in the new Tokina, because of its special bokeh. I see it as another creative tool in my arsenal (as well as a cheap and compact tele in a pinch). I think it can save the encumbrance of the xx-300 zooms and/or complement the shorter 40-150/175/200 zooms quite well.

Indeed, mirror lenses are inherently less contrasty due to the mirror optics (they also inherently suffer less chromatic aberrations BTW!) - yet I'm carefully optimistic that a fresh modern design dedicated to m43 will have considerably better optical performance than your typical ancient-found-in-the-attic 500mm.

Let's just hope that they price it right - not the $400 Japanese MSRP but preferably in the $200-300 range.

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