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Re: Equipment envy

MisterBG wrote:

Maybe the OP would like (rather than need) an interchangeable lens camera, but is not willing to pay for it.

Perhaps, but I doubt it. Interchangeable lens cameras, except the Fuji GXR module system, will be more prone to sensor dust issues, which I found a real pain with a couple of the DSLR's I've owned. I've loved the SLR form factor for decades, but haven't found a digital version I enjoy shooting with. Operation is so compromised compared to the manual-focus film models I've enjoyed (and continue to enjoy in the form of a Contax 139Q--I never did buy an auto-focus film SLR) that I find them frustrating to use. I get more pleasure from a compact like the P7100.

Having said that, I'd be curious as to the number of DSLR's that have been bought with a "Kit Lens" which has never been off the camera - quite a few, I'd venture to guess.

The industry/market seems to have a mania for focal length changes. It doesn't seem all that long ago when most casual photography hobbyists were using a variety of folding cameras, box cameras, TLR's, rangefinders and even SLR's with just a normal lens attached. I wonder how many people might get better pictures with just one focal length to use and master instead of a zoom ring with infinite possibilities.

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