A retracting interchangeable lens system

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Re: A retracting interchangeable lens system

I dont agree with using Q mount on a GRD.

The GRD is the only small sensor camera with an almost perfectly matched lens,

so replacing the fixed lens with a mount, will reduce the GRD from a high end enthousiast camera to a mainstream thing.

Someone mentioned the Q is not selling really good, no wonder, Cell phones do the same, so much software available to tweak.

Plus the Q lenses are cheap, do not expect a GR lens to be cheap.

Nope, i think the GRD could grow to a camera with 2 fixed zoom factors; 28 + 50.

Mechanically this simplifies many things;

first of all; there will be no in between factor, so Ricoh does not have to spent time in trying to optimise the lens for all possible zoom factors.

Secondly; with only 2 fixed positions, the mechanical design can benefit from 2 fixed stop positions.

So not a replaceable lens system, keep the GRD small, it must remain to be the gem it is now.

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