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What do you really want

brianj wrote:

If I want the camera to take second place, and without any zoom, they are an extreme compromise and will be for a while yet. Maybe that will be the path forward in a few more generations of models.

You said:

".... apparently camera companies as well that the average person wants interchangeable lenses, I certainly don't. What I want is the smallest package that meets my needs and preferably the entire kit can be carried in a belt bag."

The vast majority of all cameras made today meet your needs exactly and interchangeable lens cameras are in the great minority and rare in comparison. With that in mind, your concerned about a problem that does not exist. The real solution to the "problem" as you see it, is to pull out your P&S and not worry about the small number of people using equipment you're not interested in. The side benefit of that strategy is, you get to take pictures

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