V1 - worth buying?

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What the extra money buys with the V1

Holmes375 wrote:
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The IQ output from the V1 and all the bells and whisles are the same as the J1. Op asked whether its worth getting the V1 and in my opinion and logic dictates against it.

And that is only your opinion. I greatly appreciate its better ergonomics and the feel of its nicer chassis.

The V1 also has an accessory port that allows the use of Nikon's SB-N5 flash or a GPS unit, and a mechanical shutter that allows for a much higher flash synch speed than the J1, 1/250th sec. vs 1/60th sec. (important for outdoor fill-flash). For high speed shooting, the V1's memory buffer is able to hold more than twice as many JPEG and NEF images than the J1.

The SB-N5's flash output is about 3 times more powerful than the J1's built-in flash output (GN 28 vs 16) and unlike the J1's flash, the SB-N5 can tilt and rotate. The V1's LCD has twice the resolution of the J1's, 921k vs 460k. The J1 has an HDMI C video output. The V1 has that and also NTSC or PAL outputs via a USB connection. The J1 has a standard mini-pin jack vs a stereo mini-pin jack for the V1. The V1 also uses a much larger battery, the same one used by the D7000 and D800 DSLRs, so battery life should be better. The J1 has one IR detector on the front. And finally, the V1 has two IR detectors, one on the front and another one on the rear of the camera, which can be more useful at times.

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