Why I think that there will be an E-5 successor

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Re: That's fantastic!

rovingtim wrote:

fiolmattias wrote:

Still it sold almost 3 times as many as the E-1, and the E-5 outsold the E-3's total sold units in less than a year here in sweden.

Sounds like 4/3rds is a runaway success story! I wonder why they stopped developing it?

Your guess is as good as mine. Perhaps they make more money with m43? I am sure the Epl1 outsold the E-x with a good margin and having higher profit %.

By the way, can you pass on your source for the E3 outselling the E1 by three times? I'd like to quote it myself.

Sure, Olympus Sweden
08-735 34 00

But I can't answer how those numbers corrolate to the UK market.


You are welcome.

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