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Why do people think....and apparently camera companies as well that the average person wants interchangeable lenses..... What I want is the smallest package that meets my needs and preferably the entire kit can be carried in a belt bag.

The companies that sell/provide/manufacture the most cameras concentrate more on models without interchangeable lens. Nokia...Apple...Samsung...Motorola....LG...etc

The interchangeable lens cameras you're thinking of are a specialty item and more of a niche market.

There have been rumours that even samsung may have a change of direction and make less pocket cameras, no doubt the others will follow the money as well.


Fewer different models, perhaps, but they will continue to pump out non-interchangeable-lens (compact) cameras by the millions. The other poster is correct in that the interchangeable lens cameras (dSLR and MILC) are the specialty items... but they get the press coverage because they are large and visible (for the most part - Sony NEX are pretty small)

Also, the majority of the cameras by the companies you mention Nokia, Apple, etc... are bundled in with the phones, tablets/ipads, monitors... when was the last time you saw an "Apple" standalone camera? 1990?

ALL companies chase the money and market where they can make the most of it the easiest and with the least expense. People buy many, many more phones than standalone cameras, especially in the developing world, where cellular/moblie phone service is much easier and cheaper for the providers to build than wireline service.

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