Why do people think....

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Re: Why do people think....

Everybody wants something different. That's one reason.

Another is that larger sensors require large lenses - that's just the physics of it. So huge super-zooms on large sensors cameras are a problem in terms of weight and size unless you drastically compromise optics to the point where you may as well have a P&S with a small sensor. The solution to this dilemma is to use lenses covers smaller zoom ratios, but covering them with good optical quality.

I would like a small camera with a 1/1.7 BSI-CMOS sensor with no more than 16mp and about 24-240mm fixed lens. Is that too much to ask for from this season's new models.

Let's say someone makes exactly what you want. How many other people will buy it ? Because they're not going to break into profit based on just you.

You may think everyone would queue up for what you describe, but I promise you that everyone has different priorities.

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