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Re: V1 - worth buying?

Stephen wrote:

quite right the post was about the V1, but please can you explain why the V1 is better then the J1 , after all the V1 is a J1 with a viewfinder and not a very good one for that matter as you don't get as much information as you get with oly or panasonic evfs.

I've owned the G3 and GH2 and have absolutely no complaints with the V1 viewfinder. Its very good in terms of current tech.

The IQ output from the V1 and all the bells and whisles are the same as the J1. Op asked whether its worth getting the V1 and in my opinion and logic dictates against it.

And that is only your opinion. I greatly appreciate its better ergonomics and the feel of its nicer chassis.

Sensor size does matter , although nikon did a very good job with the new CX sensor, however it can't match panasonic 4/3 in the G3 or sony nex 5n aps.

Quite right but it certainly holds its own with the 12 MP Panasonic sensor and for my taste surpasses it at ISO 800. I much prefer the noise rendition at that level from the Nikon as compared to the Panasonic. I've owned the E-PL1, GF1 and GF2.

Bottom line is the V1 worth buying , at its price its not worth buying

Again, this is your opinion but not that of many others. For myself I would never consider the J1 simply as I'm not interested in a camera without an integral viewfinder. I used external EVFs on some of my earlier m43 cameras and found them fiddly, obtrusive, etc. The V1 is indeed overpriced and has several characteristics that make me crazy. That said, its overall performance in most areas is enough to overcome the shortcomings making it a valid tool for my use. When considering moving subjects and AF efficacy in daylight conditions it simply has no peer.

To some the V1 will not be worth its asking price while to others is most certainly is. That is simply the nature of the different kinds of enthusiasts and their respective needs. There is indeed a world outside your own. As you so eloquently ordered me earlier, "Deal with it."

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