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Re: OP is right. There are no Canon Trolls in the Nikon Forums

David Hull wrote:

You are working real hard but sadly (for you) clients don't pay for test data and galleries don't hang DxO plots and differences of 1 to 2 dB are not noticeable. So... check back in when you can show some actual photographs instead of a bunch of meaningless numerical comparisons.

ultimitsu needs to shoot his technically superior camera next a better photographer with a technically inferior one. For two years I shot next to a great photographer shooting with a pathetic D2h while I shot with my superior 1D Mark IIn. His pictures were full of chroma noise that looked terrible and odd colors that weren't fixable, but nearly every game he turned in some fantastic shots that looked excellent in the programs at the next game. It took me years to take shots anything like those!

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