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Re: OP is right. There are no Canon Trolls in the Nikon Forums

ultimitsu wrote:

David Hull wrote:

However, what you see here is very little of Nikon users talking of the superiority of the D800, what you get are Canon users talking of the virtues of the D800, because they were expecting canon to produce something similar.

With the exception of the DR performance at low ISO, they are actually quite similar.

that depends on your definition of similar.

D800 delivers "SNR of 30dB while keeping a good dynamic range of 9 EVs and a color depth of 18bits" at iso 2853, while 5D3 can no longer do that at iso above 2293

D800 has measured resolution of 3200 LPH against 5D2's 2700, 5D3 is expected to have 2800 at the most.

in my book what one can discount as "similar" would be the 1.3 bit difference in colour depth. every other sensor related difference is pretty noticeable.

You are working real hard but sadly (for you) clients don't pay for test data and galleries don't hang DxO plots and differences of 1 to 2 dB are not noticeable. So... check back in when you can show some actual photographs instead of a bunch of meaningless numerical comparisons.

Here is a set of test data for you:


If you think you can tell any difference between these things from a SNR perspective at 3200, have at it. The only place where the d800 shines is at ISO=100. If you are stiff for DR that is the only place where it makes sense to use it (well the most since anyway).

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