Fuji lens hood vs JJC hood

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Re: Fuji lens hood vs JJC hood

Side by side, I chose the JJC over the Fuji by looks alone... upon closer inspection I could find no significant reason to choose the Fuji lens hood over the JJC - and that was without considering the vast difference in price. That being said, there is every reason to purchase the JJC vs the Fujifilm lens hood.

I've been using the JJC lens/filter combo for six months now and love it. I find that the filter does not degrade the lens performance at all - in fact - if anything, it enhances the quality of the photo. As is common with most lens hoods - not just the X100, but a lot of other cameras - DSLR's included - the lens hood blocks a portion of the X100's on board flash so the resulting photo comes out with the notorious shadow. For me it's not a big problem because I rarely use the on board flash. I routinely keep the Fujifilm EF-20 connected to my X100 which shoots well over the top of the lens hood. I should caution, that removing the lens hood, still leaving the filter attached, still produces slight shadowing when using the on board flash.

A lens hood on the X100 enhances the camera's looks, in my opinion. Fortunately, that's not all it does. It provides noticeable improvement when shooting in bright overhead light environments (especially outdoors) and also provides protection to the front of the camera (especially the lens assembly).

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