need update: Nex 7 + Conurus + EF S 10 - 22 mm

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re: what is the FW version on your Conurus adapter?

Hi Jpr2,

I have the v0.5 version of the conurus EF to nex smart adapter. this adapter the physical AF/MF switch on FTM lens will allow for switching the automagnify on and off without having to go through the deep Sony Menus every time.

On the 10-22, I would imagine the infinite focus point only needs to be calibrated once using the magnify feature, after which for most landscape photos, one will just have to find that same position on the distance scale again. Thats the beauty of having a distance scale on the lens :). Also in general, I tend to stop down a bit for landscapes just to ensure I get optimal corner sharpness. I personally do not have a 10-22, but I instead use a Voigtlander 15mm f4.5 which also has a sweet spot for infinite focus which I used magnification once to calibrate which position is infinite.

If you ask Conurus nicely, I am sure they will pay to get your conurus adapter updated to the latest v0.5, plus if you already do not have the felt insert, they will put that in too to reduce internal reflections from the adapter.

I think I must have been misunderstood when I say clutch is always engaged. What I mean is that the focus ring on both AF/MF on FTM lens like the 10-22 will always turn actual focus elements (ie no difference so swich can be used for something else). Some lens from Tamron, Sigma, and cheaper Canon lens, AF switch will behave differently whereby switching to AF mode may engage the clutch to a motor driver which is bad to turn manually and requires force, or in my Tamron EF 90mm SP 2.8 AF mode completely disengages connection from the actual focus mech, so as not to damage the motor. In this case MF physical switch is useless as MF must be on for manual focusing.

with respect to this I read someone else saying they wished the modes were switched, ie Physical AF switched on disables auto magnify, and physical MF switch engages auto magnify. Currently the setting is physical AF on gives no auto magnify, but focus peaking, and magnify can be activated using "b" button on nex, and physical MF switch give auto magnification when focus ring is turned. Its a fair call since one has forces to use MF switch on the lens, meaning they are stuck with auto magnification, whereas if it was the latter, then the magnification assist can still be turned on using the "b" button.

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