Canon 60D color problem

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Re: Canon 60D color problem

I'll definetly shoot in RAW, I like JPEG only as the final result of an image. Even if you manage to set all the settings in the camera on the fly, there will always be more space for an improvement when shooting in RAW. Why lose all that detail & shoot in JPEG, when u can shoot in RAW & produce JPEG as the final result later.

Yeah, my friend doesn't know much about the details of photography. Shutter speed, aperture, fine. When it comes to post-production and / or camera settings for a particular situation, that's where he loses his attention to details.

So, this is not a body defect & that is 100% clear? If there is a chance that someone else gets the same strange colors, please post & describe your problems here, with sample images posted, I'll be thankful for your help. Although, I can't think of a reason why a camera should act like this, this is MOST likely the photographer's fault.

pcb62 wrote:

The color is definitely off in the pictures you posted. The fact that these were shot with manual white balance leads me to believe it's not calibrated correctly. Either calibrate the white balance correctly for each situation or use auto white balance.

Alternatively, you could shoot raw and set the white balance after the fact. This is more work, but will give you more options and potentially better results.

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