How good is the water seal on a 7D?

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How good is the water seal on a 7D?


I spilled a little bit of wine on the back of my 7D tonight... I rushed inside the home, sprayed the back of the camera with LCD liquid cleaner (distilled water), wiped it with dust free paper and then gently air sprayed it with a electronic spray can to dry the residue, especially the buttons...

Good thing I happened to have the distilled water and the dust free paper wipes (the ones especialy made for cameras and LCD screens).

The most scary thing is that during this whole cleanup operation, I slightly touched the inside mirror of the cam with one of the wet paper wipes leaving a small trace which I gently cleaned (not visual signs of dust or stain after that). Note: I had to remove the lens because there were a few drops of wine on it.

No harm done as so it seems but a nonetheless a scary experience. There is no way to keep a camera clean forever unless you don't use it and are not willing to take some risks!

I had close calls on laptops before (but never coffee with sugar: the worse) and I always managed to clean the spills. A neighbor also spilled some wine on a laptop I had while I was showing him pictures! First time with a camera.

How well sealed is the 7D? Seems like it is pretty much sealed, Your experiences are welcomed. Does the color of the wine matter?


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