Trierenberg Super Circuit

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Re: Trierenberg Super Circuit

Roland Karlsson wrote:

stevechong wrote:

Well Roland, when I dodge the area at the houses, the colors are the blueish tone. I didn't deliberately make them look blue, besides I think the blueish tone fits well.

As I said elsewhere - I am not sure. The blue color gives the image something special, I must admit. But maybe its too special It looks almost unreal too me.

Now --- there are two effects here that can explain the blue birds and houses.

  1. They are lit by the sky

Blueish sky so blueish tone? Well, try take a photo in the morning with the subjects in the shadows and you will see the blueish tone.

  1. Foveon conversion do something weird in the darker areas.

No! I don't agree, I think the Foveon did very well, it captures the colors very accurately.

Maybe effect number one is enough to explain it. I would be rather surprised though as I have not seen such blue effects when dodging. On the other hand, your images are in a rather special situation. So ...

Thanks for dropping by.

My pleasure!

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