My full review of the new X2 is up!

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...I run four different systems, and am an NPS member?

I work with Leica because they recognize that whilst exclusivity is great for marketing, it isn't so great for credibility. There are times I prefer to use my Nikons, or my M4/3 gear, or something else, and times I use the Leicas. I use the best tool for the job - the final yardstick for me is client delivery, not who sponsors the cameras (if at all).

Daedalus2000 wrote:

How can you say that you are brand agnostic when your signature says "Leica Camera brand ambassador"?

Very nice review by the way.


Ming Thein wrote:

I run four systems. If it's a spade, I'll call it a spade - I'll use the best tool for the job, regardless of whatever it is.

I didn't think the X1 was useable for street work because it was a) slow to focus; b) slow to manually focus; c) battery didn't last long; d) sensor wasn't good enough to stop down all the way and guestimate distances - the distance indicator/ DOF scales are nowhere near as good as what you get on a say an M lens. The X2 is much better because of a combination of flip up EVF, focusing speed, and sensor.

You're talking about saggital coma, I think. I still see it on the X2 - it's the same lens.

janlu wrote:

very nice review and pleasant reading...... I also appreciate your sincerity as Leica ambassador in stating that the lens doesn't perform so well at F2.8 with the new sensor.... This X2 is for sure an improved X1, but i can't see in it a big step since i have never found my X1 unusable .

On the night shot wide-open on the X1 i have always noted a decentered Halo around the lights to sides of the frame ...not in the center though , ( i.e. street-lamps etc...) ..... do you experienced it with the X2 .... the lens is supposed to be exactly the same... .. or not ?

BTW i have also liked very much the Seascapes essay !!

Best regards, Gianluca

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