Metabones EOS to Nex-7 now available & on the way!

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bigley Ling Veteran Member • Posts: 3,640
re: about MF-assist toggle and buttons configuration of N7...

slaybells, i too have the v05 conurus EF to nex smart adapter and loving every bit of it.

I find for my 50mm f1.2L focus peaking sometimes can be just slightly off, and although I could press the soft key B button to get a magnified view, it takes an extra press which precious times is lost aquiring focus. So for the 50mm f1.2L I use the "MF" mode on the lens which allows for instant magnification when I grab the focus, saves time and ones gets very precise focusing.

With my 100-400L IS USM, the auto magnification in "MF" mode is really a life saver, as this lens weighs heaps, and is hard to handle so the less I have to press "b" buttons to magnify the better. To use big tele lens with magnification can be very shakey handheld, and the IS will only turn on when you half press the shutter. Solution is to set "MF" switch on lens, half press shutter and then while doing so spin the focus to achieve very precise focus with image stabilization on, then depress shutter completely to capture the frame, or a quick release shutter and half press to immediately cancel magnification, compose and capture.

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