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Re: X-Pro1 goes to the Leica store

since1968 wrote:

Irakly Shanidze wrote:

This lens seems a bit too contrasty for your camera. It is especially evident on indoors shots. Maybe tweaking with camera settings, or creating a default developing settings for LR4 will do the trick, but the way it is I would not be happy with the results.

Yep, good call.

The X-Pro1 has several film simulation settings; these shots were taken with "Provia," which is the default. After shooting for a couple weeks with the X-Pro1+50mm Summilux I've learned to change the setting to "Astia," or soft, which generates much more subtle images.

Thanks for the feedback.
Marc A. Garrett

He wasn't referring to changing the film simulation settings. The 50 Lux should render an image with less contrast. Many of the Leica lenses exhibit less contrast than the comparable Zeiss or CV lenses at similar focal lengths.

With heavy contrast lenses you tend to lose some detail in the shadows.

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