When was the end of Black & White?

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jess shudup Contributing Member • Posts: 842
That added a lot to the discussion- not

When I was shooting film in the early 1960s the choice was frequently one of practicality and economics.
B&W- I processed and printed myself.
Color I sent out.

That cost a lot more, plus the question of slides or prints. And color labs weren't eveywhere, and certainly not 24 hour service. I was young, and money was an issue.
(Except of course on the commercial side- there the client decided !)

By the 1970s though I was processing/printing both, and could choose between B&W and color based on the desired result.

So I'd say that for me the mid sixties/ early seventies was the beginning of the end of B&W for everything, and the beginning of the color era.

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