Samsung to Shift Focus to Mirrorless Cameras

Started May 10, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Samsung to Shift Focus to Mirrorless Cameras

snake_b wrote:

Partner's brother bought a Samsung TV a few months ago, thinking it was a great purchase. In short, he's still waiting for a repaired TV or a replacement to come back, six weeks later.

Sad to hear. Well I have a warranty so I'll see how it goes.

Truth is I've had very good reliability from Samsung with laptops and other goods (pc parts mostly) Laptops have been great really no complaints.

On the customer support side not very good I'm afraid I think they're quite a poor company at that, and that reflects poorly on them esp in the photo industry. The problem is also the name sad to say it buy yes they do get some respect for phones, laptops etc, but in the photo game it's a different type of market.

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