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Re: Added in Adapter Firmware Ver.04

This is a good thread. Many thanks Bo-Ming for putting in this feature!!!

I have the version 5 conurus EF to nex smart adapter, and I am absolutely loving the AF/MF switch used for enabling and disabling the auto magnify when I grab the focus ring. This is especially good when I am using larger lens like the 100-400L and 24-105L IS USM, where I am really holding the camera by the lens, and basically only using the Nex 5n body for viewfinder/ shutter, and jog dial for shutter and aperture control. It is just so much faster being able to grab the focus and do fine focusing, without having to press button B first, and ability to instant switch off via a switch.

Using the 5n with 50mm f1.2L, the auto magnify is a must in low lighting, peaking just is not accurate enough especially with aperture open to 1.2!

As you said though the feature can only be used with EF lens with proper FTM (full time manual) otherwise the AF motor clutch will engage physically when you switch to AF mode.

Kudos to the Conurus team, they have really made a superior adapter with excellent support. The only feature left now is some sort of AF ability and we will be home free

cyberstudio wrote:

Thank you for this excellent idea. We added AF/MF switch support in Adapter Firmware Ver.04 (ships today).

Prerequsite: camera body set to AF mode.

Set AF/MF switch on Canon lens to AF => no MF assist (auto magnify) unless you press a button assigned with the Custom Key setting of the camera body. Camera body displays "AF-S" even though there is no AF support for Canon lenses on Sony NEX.

Set Canon lens to MF => MF assist (auto magnify) when you turn the focusing ring of the lens. (The Canon lens must support distance information for auto magnify to occur.) Camera body displays "MF".

Most Canon lenses will benefit from this newly added AF/MF switch support. However, there are a few Canon lenses both support distance information but not full time manual focusing (i.e. when the AF/MF switch is set to AF, the manual focus ring can't turn at all. An example would be the EF-S 18-55 kit lens. You will have to set the AF/MF switch to MF and as a result you will always get auto magnify when you turn the manual focus ring.
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