need update: Nex 7 + Conurus + EF S 10 - 22 mm

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Re: Mary Anne: about 10-22 on N7

Hi, I would consider the auto magnify feature a feature rather than a disadvantage. I know on a 10-22 lens, maybe not since fine focusing may not be required, but when using my 100-400L ot 50 f1.2L the auto magnify is welcome. Also be aware this auto magnify can be switched off either in camera option, or by simply switching the AF/MF switch AF. Again though this AF/MF switch will only work if you have FTM (full time manual) designed lens. Since there is no AF, the clutch is engaged to the lens whether in AF or MF mode, only difference is the auto magnify.

jpr2 wrote:

I wrote about various aspects of using EF/EF-S lenses via.
Conurus adapter many times, few such threads here:

specifically about 10-22:

  • there are some CA in corners (typical on this lens also with native APS-C Canon bodies);

  • also some vignetting, esp at 10mm;

  • but no magenta cast; and anyway both above problems are rather easily fixable with the CornerFix free SW = very useful, esp. as it works in batch mode too (I've made profiles at 10mm and 22mm and can send them to you, but need PM address);

  • results are very, very good; so much so, that I now prefer to shoot 10-22 on N7, rather than to use it on my 7D;

  • yes, I'm curious to compare 10-22 to Sigy 8-16, and will rent it for this purpose, but perhaps only in summer;

  • the only [serious] problem is that Conurus did their work too well, so 10-22 mimics native E-mount lens behavior of kicking in auto-Magnify in MF-mode with MF-assist enabled as soon as there is movement of the focusing ring detected - the behavior I learned to hate on N7, as I consider it a FW bug rather than anything truly useful :

street candids (non-interactive):
music and dance:
wildlife & macro:
interactive street:

Comments and critique are always welcome!

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