Leica should develop a cheaper body!!!!!

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Re: Leica should develop a cheaper body!!!!!

Sameone should develop and sell a FF body for the leica M mount.

I still have 5 Leica M lens sleeping in my photo bag waiting for a digital body, prefered a Full frame one to keep the conversion factor 1:1.
is not matter if it is B/W sensor only if cheap enough.
The Sony nex7 or NEX5n is a good aprouch.
A cheap FF Nikon mount body was a good idea but the 5D makes the job.

The matter is Leica prices are too much high,despite i was a LEICA user I am not goind to expend that money for near future obsolete electronic cameras.

Photo is now an electronic junk hobby and my money is better expent in electronic gadchets. My Samsung EX1 gives me more fun that any Leica stuff I own.

In fact I am thinking in selling the leica stuff and buying a CZ 21mm lens fro the 5D to enjoy the FF wideangle.

Sony NEX looks ia good companion for the leica lens except for the Wide angle lens. I am a fun of the 24mm of the EX1.
I´ll buy an afordable FF with M mount the day it appears.

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