When was the end of Black & White?

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The Instamatic brought color to the masses

When did the Kodak Instamatic appear? When that happened automated processing equipment also came on the scene. At that time black and white came to be seen by the average person who just wanted pictures of the family and the vacation as something inferior. Same as black and white TV. I don't know any "artists" who watch black and white TV because "it's a more expressive medium," but I do know some pretty famous photographers who still shoot black and white film. I convert color digital images to black and white sometimes and I still carry around a Leica with Tri-X in it. However, I now have a bag containing two-year's of exposed by undeveloped tri-x.

Looking at photos taken by members of my family I find color pictures started about 1964. So how did Kodak miss the boat on digital? I hope somebody is writing their doctoral thesis on that.

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