V1 - worth buying?

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Re: V1 - worth buying?

Stephen wrote:

It seems to me that you don't have any oly 4/3 , regarding the a/f in dim light my elp1 which is two yrs old tech has near the same focus speed,however in daylight the J1 wins hands down on af speed as it use phase detect.

No, I don't have any Oly 4/3 anymore. But if you think the J1 is better at AF in daylight you should try the V1... ...which is actually the subject.

the epm1 and epl3 both have very fast a/f speed, and IQ alot better ,not that the J1 is bad.

Well, I just disagree. Sorry. IMHO, the N1 is better.

with my Epl1 at iso 800 I get clean sharp photo so please try not to mislead by saying the the V1 has better high iso photos then oly as its not true. Its like saying that the emp1 has better IQ then sony nex n5.

No, it's not that simple. Just because the sensor is a bit larger it does not automatically means it is better. A larger sensor is better for narrow DOF, not necessarily better for IQ, especially not at high ISO. I have absolutely no problems getting fine detail out of ISO1600 without NR, but from raw files. The secret is called CNX2. With the Oly, using Studio or Viewer 2 that is impossible. Also, when noise is visible the Oly ISO noise is ugly blotches, making it difficult to use for any larger prints. The other problem is the high ISO banding which isn't fixed yet.

ofcourse then if Nikon is God for you then stick to nikon

I don't believe in God. I stick to Nikon as long as I like what I get out of it. I stuck to Oly as long as I was happy, but sold and moved on when I realized it is not improving. With the OMD it is a bit better, but the ugly blotches are still there and the banding is still a problem. Yes, it has a bit larger sensor, that’s all.

mind you ,you will be missing alot of other great cameras at resonable price though

Don’t worry about that, I have all the cameras I want and missing absolutely nothing right now. The day I feel I need something different or new for whatever reason that may be, I’ll buy it, but I am not buying cameras as collector’s item, I use them. So I am a bad consumer because I am not interested in buying cameras twice a year. I just bought the V1 in February after careful consideration and tests of many brands. No regrets, not even now that the OMD is out.

Anyway, this thread is about the V1, not the J1.

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