Kirk Tuck says OM-D is shot across the bow

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Re: Tuck has jumped the shark

Crimguy wrote:

I think you make good points. IMHO Panasonic was a step ahead in the m43 realm since the G1/GH1 came out. However, I do think the E-M5 is a bit of a game changer for m43's as Tuck does. Why?

1) While the GH2 came VERY close to matching the sensor performance of APS-C cameras, it still fell apart a bit with dynamic range and high iso performance.

And that still happens with the em5. The em5 closed the gap a bit but va best apache all those things are still true. Whether you care about it for your photography is a different matter. I personally think I would be fine for the most part with the fast primes and the em5, but that doesn't stop me from recognizing that in the sensor department the k-5 for example still does better on the extreme situations. Notably better.

2) Adding weather-sealing and magnesium alloy body tells the professional photographer this camera has more than casual aspirations. The Panny GHx cameras always felt a bit flimsy in my hands and everyone is touting the build quality of the E-M5. That's important for a lot of professionals.

3) Adding two control dials, like #2, shows the camera aspires to more than casual photography.
4) The grip does the same.
4) 9FPS capability allows the machine-gun photojournalists to do their thing.

Tuck acknowledges in the comments that the camera doesn't do sports, but rightly IMHO points out that this is only one facet of professional photography.

I think it equally important to bring up the question of how it works in studio use, with multiple flash guns/zones. I really don't know the answer to this, but the professionals sure love the Nikon system, and the new Canon system looks very nice.

Someone pointed out that photojournalists need a better camera than m43 can offer at this point. I have to disagree with this. I'd say they would benefit more from a compact system. The autofocus system appears to be very fast and capable. Sports and photojournalism are two different markets.

mirrorless cameras are not replacing DSLR's any time soon. A lot of photographers have a problem with EVF's, for starters.

Nikon has shown that pdaf can be used with mirrorless cameras. When their innovation in that arena makes its way onto cameras with a larger sensor and more than just a shutter release button (Canon perhaps?), you will see a number of photographers rethink their package.

This may sound a bit counter-intuitive, but I think Olympus and/or Panasonic would be well-served by making a slightly larger camera. I'm gathering the E-M5 is just a smidgen larger than my old E-P1, which would actually be a bit too small for easy access to all controls. They need a camera that is slightly larger to accommodate more control points. Maybe the size of an OM-4, E-620, or an AE-1, with grip option etc.

Bob Meyer wrote:

He's lost all objectivity and knowledge of history when it comes to the OMD. Yes, it's a very good camera. In some ways it's better than the GH2 and G3, but in other ways it's only just caught up with what Panasonic has had for 2 years. He totally ignores Panasonic's role in driving m43 (which probably wouldn't exist today were it not for Panasonic), and Panasonic's long (relatively) history of providing near-professional class m43 cameras with lots of controls and EVFs. It's like he just woke up yesterday, discovered the OMD, and thinks Olympus is the first company to think of such a camera.

Please, Kirk, wake up and regain some objectivity. The OMD is a very good camera. It's not perfect, it can't do everything even some entry level DSLRs can do, and it's not revolutionary in the slightest. It's simply the latest evolution of an m43 design approach that's been around since the G1 and GH1.

And it's not about to displace DSLRs from their place in the market.

Bokeh is the aesthetic quality of the blur in out-of-focus areas of an image, or the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light. Bokeh is not the same as depth of field (DOF).

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