X-Pro1 goes to the Leica store

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Re: X-Pro1 goes to the Leica store

I am not sure if you are replying to me, but if you are you missed my point. My point was about extreme reaction and attitude, not spelling mistakes. I think it is important to keep the discussions civilised, I am sure you agree on that.


Michael Everett wrote:

Daedalus2000 wrote:

You call someone a member of ku klax klan because they noticed a spelling error in your msg? You may want to ask for some help with your anger management issues.

justfine wrote:

I am very sorry if I spell fail , but english is not my mother native language ,but I am certainly spell and speak better sweedish ,spanish,portuguese,and french than you.keep your mouth shut before you judge people. keep smiling. you must be a sort of KU KLAX KLAN.

Will everyone lay off the grammar and spelling issues. These forums are full of errors, caused by non-native speakers, typing too fast, not proofing what you read, maybe just plane (sic) ignorance, and who knows what other reason. If you are bothered by this, don't read blogs period; you can't get away from it. Please just ignore and don't clog up the blogs with this silliness.


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