If I buy my 1st SLR today, I may not pick a Canon

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Re: If I buy my 1st SLR today, I may not pick a Canon

You are right about Sony NEX with their APC-size sensors. The latest NEX 5N kit lens especially are priced very competitively with Canon t3i kit lens for example, with NEX costing ~$100 USD more. The newer NEX have made great improvements and can be a serious contender for a dslr (kit lens) replacement BUT still it can't replace dslr just yet.

But you can get a really good used t2i or Nikon dslr for almost half the price of NEX 5N. For the difference, I rather get a Canon S100 or XZ-1 and REALLY have best of both worlds instead of stuck somewhere in the middle with NEX - a camera too big to carry it everywhere and not quite good enough for the serious professionals.

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