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Re: OP is right. There are no Canon Trolls in the Nikon Forums

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Again, who would that be? Most of the vocal people I have seen here are 5D or 5DII owners, who are you thinking of who is not? Oh, of course you can't name names. Convenient that, isn't it?

HINT: There are few 7D fanboys who never own and experience 5D2/5D or any other cameras in this forum. They have been jumped into this forum numerous times to bash 5D2 and 5D and claim no IQ difference between 5D2/5D and their "holygrail" 7D despite they actually never own and experience former.

Ah, really? So now it is a dispute between different kinds of Canon fanboy? I see. Are you sure no 60D fanboys snuck in with the 7D fanboys?

You should know what's the definition of fanboy. Fanboys are unconditionally promote on one brand/model against another brand/model.

Well, I suppose you would know. But that wasn't the question, the question was whether there were unsuspected 60D fanboys lurking too, maybe siding a bit with 7D fanboys due to APS-C solidarity. Is a 5DIII fanboy equivalent to 1.6 7D fanboys. All of tese are important questions.

And of course, there are many circumstances taking the same picture where the IQ of the 7D and 5DII are very close, and where the 7D will beat the 5D, due to its more modern, efficient sensor with more pixels. Maybe that is what they were saying.

The same logic applied to D800 and 5D3, so don't use double standard.

Who is using a double standard? I have never denied that there are many circumstances, when taking the same picture that the 5DIII and D800 will be very close.

So far in real world photos as compared by some who actually tested both, I have not seen much difference of IQ between two cameras. Each is better in some areas.

For the situations that I use, there is enough in the D800 to convince me that it will be better for me. of course that won't apply to everyone. But, this wasn't about me, it was about fanboys. We're getting OT here.

But now suddenly they enthusiastically promoting D800 (as they work for Nikon) despite they have not owned either.

Really? That is so bad of them, isn't it? So, what we have here is not Nikon fanboys, as we originally thought, but 7D fanboys masquerading as Nikon fanboys. This is very confusing. Maybe someone should start a fanboy registration scheme so we can be sure that we only get genuine fanboys.

My last post just dispute your claims that they are only 5D2/5D1 owners which is not true.

Which claims would those be? I have never claimed that the are only 5D owners. You are imagining things. I don't know, since I don't know who 'they' are, since you don't identify them.

Just a sample as they are other basically pure Nikon shooters. Anyway I am not alone to notice these excessive Nikon related trolling as OP indicated so itself is indisputable fact

well, I'm sure I wouldn't want to dispute something that is indisputable. Tell me, what is the test for something being 'indisputable' - that you and the OP say it?

But I do see some basically pure Nikon owners jumped into this Canon forum to boast D800 as mentioned by other Canon forum members so again I am not alone.

So you keep saying, but until you identify some of these people, then we can be excused for taking what you say with a pinch of salt, especially since you seem to be getting most of your facts wrong on other things, like what I said and didn't say, for instance.

as we have read many such claims in this Canon forum recently. As DPR's rule set, D800 related topics should be discussed in Nikon forum. I am a Canon shooter and I have no interests to read D800 in this forum. I read D800 discussions in Nikon forum.

But most of the posts are comparing the 5DIII with the D800, and they usually start when someone feels the need to post something negative about the D800 here. If people here could restrain from mentioning the D800 at all then there would be many fewer posts clarifying what the performance of the D800 is and isn't.

You seem no problem with someone posting something negative about 5D3/5D2 but only to D800 or other Nikon cameras? I even don't know do you still actively shoot with Canon cameras or basically only shoot with Nikon these days? If it's latter, why you're so busy in this Canon forum?

I don't own a Nikon digital camera. So I can't shoot with a Nikon camera. I don;t post against things that are 'negative', I post to correct things that are wrong .

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