My firts encounter with a77

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Re: 3D OVF -- Hmmmmmm My firts encounter with a77

Guys, I think you are overreacting. When we talk of 3D, we are not talking of what Sony, Panasonic or Samsung promotes in the TVs. We are talking about humans ability to perceive depth in vision.

That's YOU, not WE

Even with one eye you can still be able to perceive depth abet not as good as with both eyes.

That's just plain wrong! At least not when you don't move your head left and right...

What you see is 2D, what you perceive is what your brain tells you based on your experience. Doesn't matter if it's a painting, cinema, TV, OVF, LCD screen or EVF.

If you were in an environment without any visual indicator of distance or height (like a building or a tree or any other item that you know the size of), you wouldn't be able to perceive any 3D when looking with only 1 eye, because your brain would miss the information.

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