Tilt lenses on Pentax DSLR body

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Hi !

I only use the Pentax Shift lens (28mm f/3.5) and I dreamed of a wide Pentax Tilt-Shift ... but I guess that I won't see it, or at best that I won't be able to buy it

So, just for the fun ... all Tilt-Shift are manual focus, with minimum of electronics, even for Canon and Nikon jewels ... I guess good old lenses with decent coating could do the trick ?

Regarding your expectations, tilting and shifting means a bigger circle, so heavy 645 lenses :

  • for Macro, the wider I've seen would be a Mamiya 645 Macro C 80mm f1:4 N (just noticed one on the 'bay for around 250€) http://camera-wiki.org/wiki/Mamiya_M645

  • with Pentax, the 120mm should be better ? but longer and at around 300€

  • with Hasselblad ... LOL ... it's already out of reach

Not sure it can be done, but what about the modification of a PK lens adapter (Mamiya or Pentax) ? around 40€ on the 'bay

At best, the angle won't be enough for your taste I'm afraid, like ARAX adapter :

  • 8 degree tilting possibility of lens and 360 degree rotation

and may interfere also with prism housing !
Plus, it should be complicated to keep the distance to the focal plane ...

I don't know if all this makes sens ? Anyway, I'd be interested in following your project !

Regards, fred

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