EM5 - what is the follow on?

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The name and other things.

TrapperJohn wrote:

The name - this is a big one. Find the two execs at Oly who couldn't agree, and give them both a time out. That name sounds like an ugly compromise. Call the next one the OMD-6. Short, simple, to the point. If people are going to get excited about a product, it helps if they don't have trouble saying the name.

It's been said before...it's not really much different that other Oly lines. It's a Camera Line and Model specification. For example:
E-System or E-Volt
e-500, e-5, e-620, e-30, etc.
Pen System
E-P1, E-PL2, E-PM5, etc.
OM-D System
E-M5, E-M6?, E-M7?

The lens - the 12-50 is actually a decent lens, but I'd like to see a less video/all in one, and a more enthusiast lens as the primary. Can the power zoom and macro. Better still, just downsize the ZD 12-60. The PL 14-50, in its last incantation, was the same aperture as the 12-50, but considerably larger, so the possibility of a smaller 12-60 isn't outside the realm of possibility. Add a resized 50-200 maybe, as that was such a wicked sharp combination on 4/3.

Looking forward to the 12-35 and 35-100 panny zooms here. Would love to see where both Olympus and Panny go past there announced lenses but I definitely like the trend now with all these high quality lenses out and coming soon.

And fix HG ZD AF. You might sell a few more expensive lenses, definitely would show support to those who kept you going a few years ago.

I've completely divested myself of 4/3 stuff. I'd say here I would prefer if they just continued releasing E-X updates to keep them happy. I don't want to have to match up those larger lenses to my smaller body. I would of course love to see increasingly better CDAF continuous and tracking performance or if they do manage to put PDAF in to the camera I'd like to make sure it'd JUST for tracking and not S-AF as I think S-AF is lightning fast now and more accurate than PDAF.

The body - no major problems there, though it could use a few more external buttons. Perhaps a redesigned grip, put the buttons there, or one more on the other side of the EVF. If they can upres and upsize the EVF display, that would be nice, it could stand to be a bit larger. And make review of photos in the EVF easier to get to. You see a lot in the EVF that the rear LCD doesn't show.

Agree, more external controls would be nice, even better if they are more FN buttons. I love the ability to program dials and buttons the way I want. Makes it a better camera for more people. I'd give up rear LCD screen size for more buttons and a little better button placement.

I'd also like to see the continued use of weather sealing and possibly a swivel LCD like the E-5 had. Not so much of the extra functionality of having it face the front but because I like shutting it and protecting the LCD. Especially now with the EVF there may be less reason to use the rear LCD. Improvements in battery life would be nice too.

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