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Re: Question for Xpro1 owners and former......

Iphoto wrote:

....Panasonic GF1 owners. Is the focus speed much better than the GF1 or just marginally better? I liked my GF1 and if the XPro1 is much better, I'll be very happy. Love the pics I am seeing online.

As others have said, the X-Pro 1 is very similar to the GF1 with the 20mm lens. The 18mm is a bit faster, the 35mm is about the same, the 60mm is somewhat slower. If you like shooting with prime lenses and those focus speeds are OK for how you shoot, you'll love the camera. I have it and love it for LOTS of uses.

That said, m43 has vastly improved since the GF1-20mm combination was so prevalent. All of the current bodies AF a LOT faster with most of the m43 lenes (the 20 is pretty much the exception - the lens is the weak link in the AF speed chain. Any of the new Panasonic (GH2 or newer) or Olympuses (EP3 and newer) bodies are a LOT faster with the current lenses like the 12, 14, 25, and 45mm primes, and many of the newer zooms. The IQ of the m43 sensors are also a good deal better than the GF1 in terms of both DR and low light sensitivity. I never liked my GF1 above ISO 800 and it wasn't great there. The new Panasonic sensors are very good at 1600 and very useable at 3200 and the new Olympus EM5 is about a stop better than that. Not as nice as the X-Pro 1 up in that stratosphere of low light sensitivities, but highly useful. So the m43 cameras/lenses today are a lot better than the GF1-20mm combination you're used to and its obviously a more versatile system than the X-Pro 1.

So, you really have to ask yourself what you're looking for. If you're just looking for a better version of the GF1 with the 20mm and would like AF performance that's about the same as that, the X-Pro 1 is an amazing camera. If you like the GF1 and 20mm but wished it was faster or better in low light, it IS if you stick with m43.

I have both an X-Pro 1 with a couple of lenses and an EM5 with several lenses. I would hate to be without either. I would miss the versatility and athletic performance of the EM5 if I didn't have it. And I'd miss the incredible IQ and the uniquely wonderful shooting experience of the X-Pro 1 if I didn't have it. You just need to figure out what's more important to you. ALL of your choices are better today, no matter which direction you decide to go...


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