I broke my FDA-EV1S

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Re: I broke my FDA-EV1S

alau0115 wrote:

Maybe me but it is really quite solid and I can't imagine the eyepiece will fall apart of pop out accidentally in case of a drop on the street if you carry the NEX5N properly. I haven't put it to the test in the outdoor though.

You won't believe how easy it is to break that tiny piece -- until it breaks.

For the record, the part [the top shell] is now available in the US at least, and the part number and pricing in my first message is correct:

Sony 4-295-843-01 CABINET (UPPER) VF ~ $70 + tax/handling.

I bought it through Andews Electronics [a US part supplier listed by Sony]. It was not in stock when I ordered it, and took quite a while to arrive -- so it may have been a one-off import based on my order. I don't know.

It should be noted that the button on the left is not included and must be carefully removed from the old shell and attached to the new. The button is attached by a super thin plastic support, press-fit on a stud which is part of the shell. There is also a piece of plastic tape on the upper half of the shell which is not included either -- it appears to keep a ribbon cable away from the shell itself -- perhaps to prevent wear of the cable insulation. I re-used the old one.

In one of my earlier messages, I suggested I might try to 'replace' the stirrup with a larger thin metal 'tab' with a stirrup cut into the end, attached inside the top of the shell by epoxy. However, once I had removed the top shell, there was clearly not enough space to accommodate even a thin piece of metal -- I suspect that's why the original stirrup wound up being so thin and fragile.

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