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Re: My updated artist' impression

bobn2 wrote:

Patco wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

Patco wrote:
A front command dial?
I admire your unbridled optimism

bobn2 wrote:

Yes, I wondered, but decided that it would, because I think the market is people with D300's and 7D's. I left in the AI mechanism too, though that's less likely than the second control wheel.

(that's one reason, the other one is, as a Canon user, I tend to assume that the front wheel is the main one)

No, the feature-challenged, entry level Nikons have only a rear wheel.
I suspect they might do the same with an entry level FX.

I don't think so - wrong market - this will still be an enthusiasts' camera, ans will compete with people who would have bought a D300 or 7D. D90 upwards is two wheel, and I suspect that the D5200 might be two wheel. Even the 1 series is effectively two wheel.

I completely agree with that reasoning. This is very much aimed at the D7000 segment. IMHO. Also, Nikon can't make it look too bad compared to the 5DIII.

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