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Re: OP is right. There are no Canon Trolls in the Nikon Forums

chironNYC wrote:

The OP is completely right about this. There is no equivalent in the Nikon forums to the trolling we get here--in the Nikon forums, you don't see endless, constant posting by Canon users talking about the superiority of the 5d3. But the crew of Nikon trolls over here is truly a pest-control problem.

It is always the same people over here. We know who they are. They are either paid to troll by Nikon or they are wackadoo personality disorders or they are 13 years old (which seems very unlikely).

Or perhaps they are very insecure people, unsure of their photographic skills, who hope to make other people feel like they do.

As one on the fence who reads both forums, I’ve also noticed far fewer posts in the Nikon forum trying to diminish or slam other cameras. Seems the posts here that do get responses from Nikon users start out by claiming superiority of the Canon or fault with the Nikon. And some here are relentlesss (and you know who you are). This invariably brings out those wishing to defend their brand or correct perceived erroneous information. And I don’t know why such posts are so prevalent in this particular forum. Perhaps it’s due to some kind of camera insecurity, or disappointment with the current offerings? It would be far better to discuss ones own camera in ones own forum and not incessantly try to prove it’s the best or degrade others choices. And oh yes, posting pictures!

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