D600 may make E-7 obsolete before it comes out

Started May 13, 2012 | Discussions thread
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D600 may make E-7 obsolete before it comes out

E-30 user and very satisfied with my camera. I still am looking for a potential upgrade.

E-5 did not seem like an justifiable upgrade (picture quality wise) so I am still holding on for a potential E-7.

Now this is where it gets interesting: Nikon's rumored FF D600 at a $1500 price point!
This is less than I paid for my E-30!!!

Unless E-7 comes out at a price point under $1000, I can't see anyone buying it over a FF D600 (ok, I know, 4/3 lens investments.. but lenses can be sold at a fair return).

I really hope Olympus has a secret weapon in the works otherwise the E-7 will only be a viable camera for the hardcore, die-hard Olympus fans and that is not enough of a market for Olympus to profitably manufacture a new camera.

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