5DII for a Xpro1

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Re: Exactly what I did.....

Quite honestly, I would not trade a 5D2 for an XPro1. The speed of the Canon makes a huge difference if you're photographing children. Also, as good as the lenses and sensor are of the Fuji, they don't come close to producing the same effect as a FF camera and lens do.

Also, 5D2 needn't be big. My favorite lens on my 5D3 (as it was on my 5D2) is the 35 f2. While this combo may be bigger than an Xpro1 and lens, it's not much bigger.

I'm not knocking the Xpro1 (I own one), it's just that the 5D2 is a much more evolved product and is much quicker in use and its pic quality is stellar.


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