Shooting Wedding Video with A57

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John Koch Senior Member • Posts: 1,023
Do some testing BEFORE the event

Problems you may encounter:

1) Sensor heat. If your wedding shots are long or in close succession, the sensor may get hot and need to rest just as the ceremony reaches the part people want to see. Experiment with long shots or frequent shots over the course of whatever time you expect the event to last at summer heat.

2) Battery life. Video drains batteries fast. The options may be to skip the long winded portions or to insert a second battery during the interminable sermon or homily. If a parent of the couple is speaking though, you will be in big trouble if you drop that part.

3) Low light and focus hunting. The AF may zero in on the wrong object or you may not see details in the EVF or LCD well enough to know what is in focus.

4) Audio. Unless the ceremony is supported by electrical amplification, you may not pick up good audio, or it may be overwhelmed by sounds near the camera or wind.

5) Intense differences in light levels inside and outside the venue. Stick to auto mode, and don't mess with fancy manual settings, unless you practice a lot in advance.

6) Rear views. Ideally, the couple would face the audience, and the clergy face the couple, with an altar in between, but usually you see only the couple from behind, and you don't have the option to stomp up in front of everyone and poke the camera into the couples faces. A discrete remote camera, perhaps hidden amidst holy chalices or candles and flowers, might be an option.

7) A pro who dashes about the ceremony site, as if invisible, but blocking your shots, or introducing staccattos of flash and shutter clatter. Maybe the pro gets "right of way," but reach an understanding with the event sponsor beforehand, and don't block others views or ruin the sanctity if others don't want that.

Some fancy pattern ties or dresses cause moiré, but you probably won't be close enough for that to be a killer issue.

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