DSLR/SLT vs. ultrazoom

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Re: DSLR/SLT vs. ultrazoom

I think your images done with your current camera are superb.

Thank you :). What bugs me though is that only handful of pictures are usually usable and what I like them to be. I blame 6mpx for not enough details etc, but there's perhaps more to it.

Just today I walked with parents and my dog in the woods and it was cloudy. Panny wasn't able to focus well and wouldn't catch any action shots. At one point, it didn't let me go higher than about 1/250 sec. and I needed at least 1000 for my dog. So I guess I care about low light abilities of the camera as well. I could have uped ISO, but Panny is really noisy at higher ISO, so.... I was just trying it out, so no big deal but I definitely reached its limits.

The one think I think you should be concerned about is the viewfinder on the A57. Will it be fast enough for action? Some say it's ok while others say it woefully lags.

That's a good question. Some of teh dogs at competition are very fast, too. Unfortunately I haven't seen any real sports/action shots from a57.

Also, that 18-105 VR kit lens is a great addition.

Yep, that one sounds great for general purposes. I'd really prefer it to 18-55 lens.

Because you say you really will never expand this with extra lenses and what not, Sony's lack of lenses and accessories don't make a difference what so ever.

I wouldn't say I'm never gonna update and invest money into lenses, but I'm a student, so for some time I'll have to work with some basic lenses. Though, I like idea of primes - be it 35, 50 or 85 mm. They sound good for portraits etc. I'd take kit lens as I meantioned..... and in the future probably some basic zoom like 55-200/300 mm. But I take a look at both Sony and Nikon and they both offer these basic lenses, so it doesnt seem to be a deal breaker.

You can get the shots you want out of a superzoom as well, given bright outdoor light, but it doesn't seem like the best option. You're at the point where you're much better served by a large sensor camera. *

You're probably right. I guess I would beat my head against the wall if I spent a lot of money on "better" ultrazoom and it still wouldn't be good enough for my purposes. Thank you for pointing out some advantages of a57, it's helpful. I've considered d90, too but somehow I'd like the possibility of shooting videos, too. I mean it doesn't have to be superb quality, but it'd be nice.

because with the compact I could never seem to get the quality of low light shots I was looking for, and focus in low light was very slow.

sounds like my experience...... i mean, fz7 was great when it came out, it's good overall camera, but you never get the results you'd like to.... as you mentioned especially in low light cloudy day etc....

Thanks for advice on lenses, I think if I choose a57 I'd go at least for kit lens+ 55-200mm to have that possibility to zoom in... plus some primes. I really like the idea of tehse relatively cheap prime lenses.

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