105mm VR Macro on D7000 - to keep or not? Advice?

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Re: 105mm VR Macro on D7000 - to keep or not? Advice?

John M Roberts wrote:

Gabbro wrote:

SleeperSmith wrote:

Are you for real? 105mm micro is heavy for hiking?

Then people bringing D3 + 24-70mm/14-24mm etc must be dropping dead.

The weight whingers never cease to amaze me. Go get a compact if 105mm is a weight concern, but leave others out of your lazy crap.

Yes, I DO think 105 VR is too heavy for hike. That is MY opinion as I entitled. You don't have to agree but please be civil and not dropping any names. Maybe, just maybe, those "weight whingers (check spelling please)" have to carry a few more lenses, food, water, and hike some distances. I am a professional geologist. So I can say I've been on a few hikes. Every ounce counts in those situation. That doesn't make them "lazy crap". I don't know what kind of photographer you are, but please be a nice person first and foremost.

SleeperSmith could have stated his opinion without all the disparaging tone. For him to presume he knows everyone else's field requirements reveals much of his character.

Rofl, I owe you two an apology really. I should've waited beside my computer repeatedly pressing F5 waiting for responses to my forum posts like you bunch do. FYI, being nice to crippled is called pity. I don't have much of it sorry.

Oh I presume I knows everyone else's field? I rn't the one crying "WAHHHH 105mm micro is so damn heavy. Everyone should leave it at home". Who's the one dishing out advise saying go buy 60mm micro cos 105mm is too big and bulky so leave it at home? You sound like 105mm is some 6kg 600mm/4 which people haul around the mountains.

All I merely said was, keep your excuses for laziness to yourself. It's good you can justify being lazy and not bringing lenses. Don't spread your disease to others ok?

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