Pick the best image - Tried CS6 vs LR4

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Aleo Veuliah
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Pick the best image - Tried CS6 vs LR4


  • Tried today editing an image on CS6 from RAW, I had a previous image processed on LR, I remember the settings, so, I decided to give CS6 a try ...

  • I ended up with a bit different settings because I applied the automatic settings on CS6 and liked the result, then I made some more small adjustments

  • It seems the automatic works a bit better on CS6, but don't know why, the camera RAW is the same, don't see no reason for this, but as I applied the Auto Button the blues and greens popped up, and almost have no need to recover high lights or shadows, but have to test it better with more time

  • I have not made a copy with the settings of LR because I liked so much this one and decided to show here

  • Both LR and CS6 are great, LR is more direct and easy to the essential photographic adjustments, but CS6 is more powerful

  • Also tried on CS6 the new content aware with the move tool, and it works fine, it works like magic, and it seems improved on image quality comparing to the CS5

  • Anyway, I use both, Photoshop CS6 is for all, for doing some logos to websites and things like that when I need and other kind of retouching, and for process RAW or JPEG

  • The Lightroom I use only for processing RAW and JPEG, I don't thing that anyone only doing this, will need the Photoshop CS6

  • Both are great software, here the images

  • Photoshop CS6

  • Lightroom 4

  • Note: I know this is not fair to Lightroom but I really liked the result with the CS6 Automatic Button, with time I will try to mimic the settings on each

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