Female Black Chinned Hummingbird. (4 imgs)

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Re: Fred...

Hi Ron

brandrx wrote:

Skip py wrote:

You know what ? ... I'm jealous

What a beautiful bird ! And pictures !
If only I had a house and such beautiful birds in my backyard
And a rocking chair !

Anyway, I'll have to practice with the Catch-in-Focus ! Amazing results ...
I should read the damn' manual one more time
Regards, fred

The best lens I have found to shoot the hummers, using catch-in-focus, is the DA*300/4 lens.

Better in what way ? It's about the SDM speed ? I don't get it :
the lens doesn't have to move ... o_O

Is it related to the time needed from focus wide open to closure to the desired f/stop ?

I noticed you also warned that it was working with the "Sigma 50-500mm APO HSM OS but not with the older model screwdrive Sigma 50-500mm" ... Why ? Too bad for me : I have the older one

I do not understand also what you wrote to Fl_Gulfer :

"An f4 or F5.6 lens will result in more images and more keepers than an f2.8 lens will." Even, if you close to f/4 or f/5.6 ? I don't get it either
Maybe because the focus is done while the lens is wide open ?

Did you opted like Marc Langille for the GT3541XLS to support your 250-600 ?

Yes, Marc talked me into getting that tripod along with the Wimberly Gimbal. I also bought the GT5541LS which will hold more weight (55 lbs versus 35 lbs) but will not expand as high as the GT3541XLS. According to B&H, both of those tripods have been discontinued.

Bad news for me I should have bought it when it was still available ... I'll have to search again ... but, I've learned the lesson, when I'll be prepare to buy it


The video with the feading of hummingbirds - in the link you posted earlier - is really nice too for a commercial I can't see the second link (PBS), probably for licence reasons in my area ... too bad

Sorry you couldn't view that second video. It is very, very interesting.



Regards, fred

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