Sony HX200 - 18MP issue

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Re: Just in camera crop, I suspect.

You should not compare a digitally zoomed image with a non-digital zoom image. By definition, digital zoom = cropping + upscaling. In fact, I believe that you should always disable digital zoom.

In any case, the noise reduction that downscaling to fewer megapixels can bring is just as easily achieved using a Photoshop resize (bicubic, etc...) later on. The advantage of downscaling as a post-process step, is that you can avoid JPEG artifacts. Doing it in-camera could produce a worse JPEG file that is not going to be as easy to fix.

aaanouel wrote:

I may be wrong but I think HX100/200 only crops the shot into the camera and produces a smaller file, it doesn't use the whole sensor to do a smaller better image.

I did this test few days ago: Just pasted a SOOC 5Mp (full digital zoom shot) on a SOOC 16Mp (124mm optical zoom) shot and this was the result:

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