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Re: All sensors are B&W

iaredatsun wrote:

sphexx wrote:

It has always seemed tome that the natural candidate for a B&W camera would be a GRD which would benefit from the extra resolution rather than a "full frame" like the M9.

I'd like to see one, too.

There was a published story about Ricoh's immediate plans and there was indeed a B&W GRD (or GRD style) camera in the pipeline. The story was based on a interview with a Ricoh representative. Whether it was a fantasy on his part or not remains to be seen. I don't know where the link is but it was posted in this forum.

Yes, I read that but cannot find it again – I don't remember reading it in this forum though. It was an interview of some kind, maybe at a trade show. There was also a rumour that Leica was working with Ricoh on some unnamed project.

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